NCR (Pads/Books/Sets)

Printed with your own company details NCR printing is Ideal for duplicating documents without the need for photocopiers. Perfect for presenting receipts, invoices, delivery notes, job sheets and more to customers whilst retaining the original for office administration. You can choose from books, pads or sets to suit your requirements.

Books, Pads and Sets are printed on NCR self carbonising paper in 2, 3 or 4 parts. They can be printed in black and white or colour, single or double sided with and option for numbering. Writing shields are supplied.

Books are stapled with a card cover and grey board back. The sheets are perforated and the bottom sheet fixed in the book as a file copy. There are 50 sets per book.

Sets are glued and used as individual forms.

Pads are printed in sets of 50 per pad, glued with a board back .

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