Digital Printing

Digital printing uses toner, a fine coloured powder which is essentially melted on to the paper using heat and static magnetism. The ink sits on the surface of the paper. Digital machines are very much like large laser photocopiers which print at speed and to a very high quality.

Digital printing is easy and quick to setup so there is no setup charge. The design is uploaded onto a computer and then you press print and the print begins. You only pay for the paper used and the ‘click charge’ for each sheet that goes through the machine. This makes it a good option for short runs and personalised printing data.

Leaflets, brochures, flyers etc. can be printed on a range of stock such as glossy, silk, uncoated, textured and coloured card or paper. When printing on paper, litho and digital printing produce very similar quality, however, digital printing does not print as well as litho on heavily textured materials.

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